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Detoxify in 5 Minutes By Massaging Your Own Feet

There are many ways in traditional Chinese medicine to keep healthy. Some involve drinking herbal tinctures, while others are through massage. Here’s a simple way to improve your health and prevent certain illnesses simply by massaging a specific area on your feet.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the yongquan is a major system that controls the body’s operation. When it is not functioning properly, it cannot rid the body of toxins. It is a very crucial point for the whole body’s circulation. If your yongquan has good circulation, it will automatically dispel the bad substances in your body. If this energy channel is not running smoothly, symptoms will appear.

Massaging this acupoint for 5 minutes a day will detoxify you
Massaging this acupoint for 5 minutes a day will detoxify you. (Image: secret china)

What symptoms can reveal themselves as a result of toxins in the body?
1. Feeling tired or less energetic, even though you haven’t exerted yourself.
2. The lower half of your face has pimples.
3. Your body feels swollen.
4. For women, your period is irregular.

Instead of spending money on medicine, you can simply massage your own feet to improve the yongquan circulation and rid yourself of those toxins. How? For 5 minutes a day, massage the yongquan acupoint found on the bottom of your feet. Refer to the image to see where it is located.

Translated by Monica Song.

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