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When I was in college, one of my male classmates was very skinny and weak, and he had poor health throughout the year. He took medicine almost every day. One day, he felt very uncomfortable, and asked me to accompany him to the hospital.

We registered at the front desk, and then waited in the waiting room. When it was his turn, he began to complain as soon as he sat down:

A young doctor who was new to the clinic came in and looked rather impatient. He casually flipped through my friend’s medical records that were a few centimeters thick, and then interrupted my classmate:

Then the doctor drove us away without giving him any prescriptions at all. My classmate began to participate in a variety of sports after seeing the doctor. He even got up earlier than other students to go jogging at the sports field. Soon, his body got better and better, and he no longer went to see a doctor or took medicines.

It was just as the doctor said. My classmate did not have a weak body as he thought, and it was all because of the misconception that his parents and elders imposed on him since his childhood that made him believe he had poor health. He believed this so much that he dared not do any exercises. This made his physical condition worse and worse, and made him more inclined to catch illnesses.

Hence, it was just his thinking that was wrong. When his misconceptions were corrected by the doctor, his diseases went away. Later in his life, he kept sharing his experience with others, and encouraged people to exercise more. He once said:

There is an old saying in China:

Traditional Chinese medical therapies do not use drugs.

It implies that the wisest physicians can cure illness without medicines.

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