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Bernie Sanders Supporters Won’t Back Down from Hillary Clinton at DNC

High-level Bernie Sanders supporters are not giving up the fight to make him the Democratic Party presidential nominee. Even at the Democratic National Convention, Hollywood players like Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover, Shailene Woodley, and Rosario Dawson, along with scores of Sanders people, are pushing for a nomination of Sanders instead of Clinton, or at the very least to have the Democratic Party acknowledge that there are people who fundamentally disagree with her views or actions.

Rosario Dawson portrays Claire Temple on a trio of current and upcoming superhero TV shows for Marvel Television on Netflix. She also acts in a bunch of movies each year. She got her start on the controversial film Kids, before gaining acclaim for her role in the 2005 movie version of the stage play Rent. Dawson gave a speech to Sanders delegates and laid bear her feelings about Clinton.

Dawson is referring to Clinton’s constant shifting in her positions on issues over the years, to the point where the public gets confused on where she stands, or if she has any stance.

A major supporter of Sanders scheduled to speak at the convention, former Ohio Senator Nina Turner, was suddenly kicked off the agenda with no clear reason given. Sanders supporters were outraged, including the above-mentioned celebrities, because Turner was the main voice Sanders supporters had during the official DNC proceedings.

The drama between the Democratic leadership and Sanders supporters, both within the government and among the public, has given the Democratic Party an image they wanted to avoid revealing, that there is a lack of unity in the party heading into the election.

It was formerly believed that only Republicans had such issues, seeing as how Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump at the RNC, and how many Republicans have spoken out against statements made by Trump during his campaign.

Now, it seems like the crisis lies more within the Democrats.

Bernie Sanders supporters were given a huge shot of adrenaline when leaked emails revealed the Democratic Party intentionally tried to sabotage their own candidate by planning to publicly skewer Sanders so they could help bolster the image of Hillary Clinton. Wikileaks revealed the emails, finding the results of their work to have major reverberations on the convention floor and cause a major embarrassment.

The result: Democratic National Committee chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz will resign from her position after this year’s convention.

But after Schultz’s resigning was made known, Clinton countered that by hiring her as honorary chair of her campaign, perhaps showing her support of the Democrats’ planned sabotage. Clinton didn’t offer a statement denying the claims or about Schultz’s connection to them.

She simply gave her a new title and continued with business as usual.

Sanders supporters have been hounding the convention, still feeding coal into his campaign fire, even if Sanders himself has lessened his own flame. To them, Sanders represents the last hope for them having a candidate who represents their views in this year’s election.

Hillary’s history as a politician has been criticized for lies, questionable business deals and funding sources, and constant flip-flopping on issues. Many Sanders supporters are rejecting the idea that they should vote for Hillary simply as a way to avoid Trump. They feel that that’s just another scheme to shut them down.

They want to make sure the Democratic Party includes them in the national dialogue.

But Clinton still has the email mishandling issue hanging over her campaign. Even though she avoided prosecution by the FBI, the State Department has since reopened its investigation.

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