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McDonald’s Now Lets You Build a Burger That Big?!

McDonald’s fans have an oasis in Singapore. Not only can they splurge on the fattening menu, they can build a sky high creation using all the ingredients McDonald’s has on supply. Super burger heads who shun McDonald’s for thin, tasteless patties now have a chance to build it the way they want to.

Of course, the ingredients are looking a lot more fresh than anything you’ve probably seen at your hometown burger place.

Actually, the Create Your Taste burger building stations in Singapore are just one of many undergoing testing in locations around the world. Hopefully, the freshness and ingenuity of these burgers can force McDonald’s to offer more fresh options.

The burger in the video took 40 minutes to build. But that is a ridiculously oversized stack of patties, eggs, salad, cheese, tortilla chips, and other stuff that you’ve never seen offered fresh at McDonald’s.

The burger makers couldn’t even stack everything together, and had to offer a separate smaller side stack with the rest of the burger. That burger may have taken 40 minutes to build, but it may take a week or more to eat.

A regular puny McDonald’s burger like the one you get anywhere around the world takes about 2 minutes to throw together and 40 to 45 seconds to eat. This big burger stack doesn’t exactly qualify as fast food anymore.

This is the biggest possible burger you can make at McDonald’s in Singapore. The price? A little over $40 in U.S. currency.

That certainly beats those $1 value menu burgers, but it does open up new realms of fun and possibilities in terms of family eating. Families can have fun trying to outdo each other in trying to order weird burger combinations, and friends can all share one giant burger together.

Make sure you check with your local McDonald’s to see if any in your area offer Create Your Taste. You can check online; just be warned that you may have to do some traveling to get there.

McDonald’s hasn’t put the extensive resources needed for a Create Your Taste offering in just any location. But you still might get lucky and find a location that does it in your area, but don’t expect them to all let you build a giant burger.

In different areas, the selection of things you can add to the burger from the electronic kiosk you order from is reportedly different, just like the regular McDonald’s menu is usually different in different countries. But don’t let that stop you from tracking down a new McDonald’s experience.

They have likely catered the available ingredients to the taste that they think people in different countries prefer. In a McDonald’s in New York City that offers the service, here are some things they let you select, according to Eater.

“Toppings — guacamole, chili lime tortilla strips, crinkle cut pickle, crisp red onions, crisp green lettuce, fresh sliced tomato, jalapeno sliced, grilled onions, grilled mushroom.

“Dressings — Mac sauce, mayonnaise, sriracha mayo, sweet onion BBQ sauce, creamy garlic sauce.

“Bread — Artisan roll, ciabatta roll, premium bun, lettuce wrap.”

That’s pretty far out there for McDonald’s, but it’s still definitely catered to American taste buds. In America, they are most likely trying to compete with newer burger chains offering fresher products and toppings.

Shake Shack, Five Guys, and New York Burger Co. are all potential competitors. Of course, none of these other places have a value menu with dirt cheap food like McDonald’s does.

But judging by the long lines of people twisting and turning outside of Shake Shack, and the continued increase in popularity of Five Guys, people don’t mind paying a little bit more for better tasting, fresher burger experiences. People also may just be tired of the fairly similar McDonald’s menu that carries on through time, only slightly changing.

In any case, McDonald’s is trying to catch up, and if they could offer giant burgers like these at more locations, they already have.

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