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Original Thor Returning to Marvel Comics After Two Years Absence

Even as Chris Hemsworth has put his mark on the iconic role of Thor in all the Marvel movies, the comic book Thor took a much different route. Thor actually hasn’t really been Thor for the past two years.

In his place, a woman took hold of his hammer. Turns out Thor was locked away by the Collector, and is now on a quest to prove himself once again.

He is back to become the hero he used to be.

The Unworthy Thor is the new title coming out under Marvel NOW! The title will likely have to change.

Marvel can’t leave him in the same place he is at today and expect not to lose readers and fans who are only familiar with the movie Thor. The unworthy version can’t pick up his old hammer Moljner, at least not yet.

Instead, he holds an axe while he searches for a more worthy weapon.

Thor writer Jason Aaron talked with io9 about where he plans to take the series.

“It was always questioning his own worthiness, which is what made him such a great god the first time. So now he’s at the point where that’s been taken away.

“He failed for a reason we still don’t quite understand. He dropped the hammer and hasn’t been able to pick it up since.

So then we go to a pretty dark place. A darker, more desperate, more driven version.

The real fun of Thor is that he wields an axe now. He’s still out trying to fight the fight, but first he’s gotta be off on his own.”

The Mighty Thor, the comic book series that brought forth the Marvel comics version of Thor who is famous for his strength, the magic land he descends from, and his very wise father, has been occupied by a female Thor in recent times. She is actually Thor’s former girlfriend, Jane Foster.

No one knows really why Thor was deemed unworthy and no longer able to lift Moljner. All that readers know is that Nick Fury said something to him that took away his power in some way or another.

The Unworthy Thor will hopefully answer the mystery. Once readers know the answer, the journey of the former Thor, now known only as Odinson, will make sense.

Odinson has already been carrying an axe around, but it’s an ordinary axe, not the cooler, more worthy axe that Aaron has planned for him. The new axe belongs to the Thor of another universe.

How Odinson runs across it and why it’s not in the hands of its original owner would have something to do with Secret Wars and the smashing together of universes that it brought about.

Writer Aaron spoke about how he expects Jane Foster’s Thor and Odinson to meet up again some time in the near future.

“This was always kind of the plan. These characters have been set on very specific paths.

It will take them apart sometimes, other times, they will come smashing back together. Right now they’re dealing with their own stuff… but expect them to come smashing back together pretty soon.”

The Unworthy Thor No.1 will be released under Marvel NOW! in the fall. If this is confusing for comics fans, that’s because Marvel NOW! ended when Secret Wars began.

The return of Marvel NOW! will tie in and cross over with the results of Secret Wars, and it’s certainly not clear why. Marvel NOW! has already planned books for Great Lakes Avengers, a Doctor Strange team book called Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme, Infamous Iron Man, and more.

Just after Marvel simplified and streamlined their universe for Battleworld and Secret Wars, here they go complicating it again.

I guess for Marvel, comic book continuity was never meant to be simple, so why even try anymore?

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