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Is Hillary Clinton’s Email Saga Over?

FBI director James Comey on July 5 delivered his agency’s findings on Hilary Clinton’s misuse of several unauthorized servers and her private email while she was the U.S. Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.

Much of what Comey said, the agency had found was in stark contrast to what Clinton had earlier said occurred.

“I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email,” Clinton said last year, as a way of example.

But Comey said that the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee did use the email on occasion for such purposes.

“From the group of 30,000 emails returned to the State Department, 110 emails in 52 email chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received,” Comey said.

Comey went on to say a whole raft of other things Clinton shouldn’t have done that she said that she didn’t do or did do.

Things like she handed over all of her work-related emails (no she didn’t), that she used only one device (she had multiple), and her use of a private server and email domain was allowable (they weren’t) etc, etc. See the MSNBC video above for more.

Despite all of the above, Comey has said that no charges will be laid against Clinton because there was no evidence of ill intent, which is a difficult thing to prove or disprove.

Comey has come under fire for his decision, especially on Capital Hill on July 7. Watch him get grilled here by South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy in this video from CBS News:

It’s an outcome that has shocked plenty, given the seriousness of what the FBI has discovered, but has declined to act upon.

More than one commentator has pointed out that others have been charged for much less when it comes to the mishandling of classified information.

So does it all mean that this saga is all finished for Clinton?

In a legal sense, it largely is.

But the U.S. State Department on July 7 also announced that they would be reopening their internal review on whether Clinton and her aides mishandled classified information. What this could result in is anyone’s guess at the moment.

Beyond that, the FBI’s findings do reveal her as being untruthful. Not an uncommon charge made by her rivals, who now have further ammunition to use.

The Republicans say they are going to refer a testimony about the deadly attacks in Benghazi, Libya that Clinton made last October to the FBI so they can investigate if she lied to the U.S. Congress.

Clinton’s own words will haunt her, but then again, her opposition Donald Trump is in the same league there.

If it wasn’t so serious, it’d be hilarious.

At least it has been great fodder for comedians, especially as seen here on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah:

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