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Female Japanese ‘Ghostbusters’ Music Video Much Better Than Real One

A group of Japanese Ghostbusters have come out to shock fans constantly putting out hate ahead of the Ghostbusters movie remake that comes out on July 15. They’ve managed to please all the fickle fans of the original movie by staying true to the original song.

Of course, they are speaking Japanese, but they are still getting more love than the Ghostbusters movie trailers and promo videos. The official new Ghostbusters movie trailer holds the distinction of being the most hated movie trailer on YouTube.

The Japanese music video is put out by Sony Japan, so it’s a smart marketing move by the Japanese division of the same company putting out the official movie. Japan will have to wait all the way until August 19 for a wide release of the film, one of the last dates for countries that will host screenings of the film.

This Japanese version of the theme song currently boasts 4,399 likes to 535 dislikes, while the official remade theme song for the remake done by Fall Out Boy and featuring Missy Elliot currently holds a staggering 93,462 dislikes to 86,064 likes. Maybe Sony Japan should have gone all out and made a Japanese-made version of the movie, too.

The Ghostbusters theme song is one of the most recognizable aspects of the movie. It’s easy to hear why the Fall Out Boy version could upset hardcore fans.

Not everyone can take Fall Out Boy-style music, while the original song version by Ray Parker Jr. as emulated by the Japanese troupe is instantly appealing to a wide segment of people. Getting Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot is a bit of a weird decision by producers.

Missy Elliot could work, given the movie’s new direction, but to have Fall Out Boy provide the main musical direction is quite a jump. Even current Ghostbusters director Paul Feig tweeted his admiration for the Japanese version of the theme song video. He claims he didn’t even know it existed.

And in another Japanese twist on pop culture, J.S. Burgers Café in Japan welcomes some very strange Ghostbusters-inspired food choices. The Black Chili Chips feature food and sauces that match the colors of the Ghostbusters logo.

They feature potato chips covered in tomato puree, white cheddar sauce, and black squid ink beans, an ingredient that would probably only go over well in the Japanese market.

The next bit of weirdness on the menu is the G.B. Burger. In this case, you will have to bite through a black olive and anchovy paste burger covered in bloody hot ketchup.

But it’s all covered in a marshmallow-like cream, and includes a ghost pepper sauce. Ghost peppers have quite a reputation for hotness, so be prepared for a burn that is possibly counteracted by the creamy puffs oozing out of the bun.

This is something any fan of the original movie would want to do, take a bite out of Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Perhaps to balance out the savory hot spiciness of the G.B. Burger is the Marshmallow Man Burger. This super sweet treat comes with yogurt ice cream, Oreo cookies, and big and little marshmallows. It probably tastes just like the big huge ghost it is named after.

There is more on the menu, like the Slimer Shake and such. The food choices above and the super cool Japanese actresses should hold you for the time being, though, at least until Ghostbusters hits theaters.

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