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Security Expert Stumbles Upon ATM Fraud While Holidaying

An American security consultant accidentally discovered an ATM Skimmer at the Samsung Cash Machine outside St. Steven’s Cathedral in Vienna, Austria, during his vacation. U.S. senior technical services consultant Benjamin Tedesco published the experience on his LinkedIn account, with the title “Finding an ATM skimmer: It pays to be paranoid.”

Tedesco found a device that can recall and forward banking information installed on the Samsung teller machine outside of St. Steven’s Cathedral. He easily pulled off the device and found a battery, magnetic stripe, chip card reader, switch, and four connectors used to steal passwords.

(Image: NTD)
Components at the back of the dodgy device. (Image: NTD)

When someone sticks a bank card into the ATM machine slot and enters their password, the device will record the banking information and password, and they can then use it to steal money from your bank account.

How incredibly simple this design is, yet so very dangerous for all of us! Watch the video so you know what to look out for yourself.

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