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A Story of Tragedy, and What Some Veterans Face When Returning Home

This is a story of a soldier who came home to find things are just not the same as they use to be. We often find it easy to love people who look good. However, we also often don’t like people who can be an inconvenience to us.

War is a place that most people will never see, but a few brave men and women volunteer to go. However, it’s when they return home that their real war begins. John, who was finally coming home after serving in Afghanistan, made a phone call to his parents at the airport to give them the good news, and to ask a favor of them:

His parents agreed, saying how they would love to meet his fellow soldier. However, his friend was not so lucky during his time of duty. John told his parents:

John’s parents were saddened to hear this, and said that they could “help him to find some place to live.” On hearing this, John stood firm and said that he didn’t want that, he wanted his friend to stay with them. However, John’s father replied:

After the phone call, John’s parent’s heard nothing from him. Only a few days had passed when they received a call from the police. The police informed them that they had found John’s body; seemingly, he had fallen from a building.

John’s grief-stricken parents flew to the city where his body was found. At the city morgue where they had to identify the body, the police told them that John had committed suicide.

To their horror, they discovered John had only one arm and one leg. It soon dawned on them that John was talking about himself.

We tend to avoid people who we think aren’t as beautiful, smart, or as healthy as us. However, what we should be doing is valuing life regardless of the condition, because you just never know what’s around the corner.

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Troy Oakes
Troy was born and raised in Australia and has always wanted to know why and how things work, which led him to his love for science. He is a professional photographer and enjoys taking pictures of Australia's beautiful landscapes. He is also a professional storm chaser where he currently lives in Hervey Bay, Australia.

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