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3 ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Acts That Shocked the Judges

Britain’s Got Talent is known to attract the talented just as often as it attracts the talentless. In some cases the talent really surprises and makes for an utterly satisfying night. In these three cases, the overly boisterous Britain’s Got Talent judges were surprised and shocked by the talent oozing from the stage. The last act almost didn’t make it before his last minute heroics.

In the first act, you could feel her nerves. She could hardly hold the microphone steady. It’s amazing she was even able to sing. The third act was busting crazy dance moves right out of the gate. He was moving his body with more finesse than the female pop stars he was imitating. He also knew how to use all that extra weight to accentuate his dance movements.

The third act was somewhat expected, due to his attire. It’s just that he held out on the surprise until the last minute before elimination, making you think he wasn’t going to go for it. The bottom and the top half of his body were as different as male and female. But those heels made you think he was going to come out singing Prince at first.

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