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Vet Saves Kittens by Caesarean After Mother Cat Dies in Car Accident

Homeless animals usually live a tough life compared to house pets. They have to find water and food for themselves, fight for a shelter, and confront unknown dangers in the outside world. Recently, a pregnant cat died from a car accident in the street of Chongqing. However, a miracle happened with the help of a good man.

On the morning of April 23th, a few people were standing in a circle at a road crossing. Inside the circle a ginger-colored cat was lying on the ground, it’s head covered with blood from the car accident. The people watching said:”It’s so horrible. She has a big belly. There must be babies in her belly.”

Luckily, a vet, Mr. Yang Huan, passed by and overheard the people talking about the cat. He quickly walked through the crowd, picked up the mother cat, and took her to his clinic. He recalled: “My first thought was to save her, but after we reached the clinic, she had already died.”

However, Yang noticed the cat’s belly was still moving. Seeing signs of life in the womb, Yang carried out the caesarean section immediately. Amazingly, the six little lives in the mother’s womb were all rescued.

The mother cat lost her life in the accident, but the babies were saved. (Image: Chongqing Business News)

After the six kittens were born safely, Yang posted messages on social media to look for milk for the newborn kittens. With the help of Internet users, three families with newborn cats volunteered to provide milk to the clinic, according to Guangzhou Daily.

 Six baby kittens were staying in an intensive care unit.(Image: Chongqing Business News/Chinacqsb.com)
Six baby kittens staying in an intensive care unit.(Image: Chongqing Business News)

In Yang’s clinic, the reporters said they saw six kittens drinking milk who had a strong will to survive. “They are unimaginably strong,” said Ding Ding, who volunteered to save the kittens. She said that usually newborn kittens need their mother to lick them to defecate, but these kittens were able to complete defecation without help. She said: “They seem to know that their mother is gone, so they gotta stay strong.”

Yang said he will look for loving families to adopt the kittens. “It is a regret for not being able to save the mother cat, but I will try to help the kittens to live well in this world.”

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