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Mother Commits Suicide to Help Son

In an act of desperation a mother from Shenzhen, Luohu District, Liantang committed suicide to claim 300,000 yuan in insurance in order to help her sick son.

Sadly, though, the 63-year-old’s insurance had expired, leaving the boy, now, with no one.

Ten years ago the boy, Chor, was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis — a form of spinal arthritis affecting mainly young males.

As the boy’s father had died young, the boy had to start working, however, last October his condition worsened, with him not being able to turn his neck or bend at the waist. As a result, he had to stay home to recuperate.

Chor. (Image: news.qq.com)
Chor. (Image: news.qq.com)

A diagnostician from the Shenzhen Fourth People’s hospital advised the boy and his family that he needed a bilateral hip replacement surgery, which would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. The total income from the family was only 3,000 yuan a month.

This story gained a lot of attention, and the Shenzhen Charity Foundation along with the Tak Shenzhen hospital agreed to provide Chor with the surgery he needs, so that he may have a normal life.

They are hoping to get the surgery done in April with the best doctor in southern China. After the surgery they will assist Chor in rehabilitation, and then with finding a job.

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