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We Could All Learn From This Goat’s Compassion

This is a story from a spiritual cultivator.

Thousands of years ago, in a stone temple on the Tibetan Plateau, villagers gathered for a ceremony.

A priest was ready to sacrifice a goat to the gods that they worshiped. The priest asked the goat why he seemed so happy to be slaughtered.

The goat replied: “I have already been killed 499 times. After this time, I can immediately reincarnate into a human being, so I am especially happy.”

The goat asked the priest: “How come you didn’t ask me why I had reincarnated as a goat so many times?” So the priest asked the goat the question.

The goat started to cry and replied: “I was once a priest, and I killed 500 goats.” He told the priest after being sacrificed in a ritual, the goat had the chance to reincarnate as a human, but the priest would have to reincarnate as a goat and repay each sacrifice that he had made as a priest.

The priest was so grateful to the goat for telling him such a huge secret that he spared the goat’s life. He then made it his mission to spread the goat’s story far and wide, and convinced others to give up the practice of ritual killing. The people of the Tibetan Plateau then stopped sacrificing animals to their gods.

Now, you might be thinking what happened to the goat after he gave up his chance to be reincarnated as a human.

Because of the goat’s kind nature of telling the priest the secret, and saving the priest from the misery of being slaughtered over and over again, the goat lived a long life, eventually dying of old age, and was reincarnated into a human being.

The goat had sacrificed his own self-interest and changed the relationship between priests and goats, and also stopped the bad practice of ritual killing.

This story also illustrates the heavenly principle that good deeds are rewarded.

Translated research by Mona Song and Kathy McWilliams

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