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Here’s Why You Should Not Wear a Bracelet on Your Left Side

Accessorizing with bracelets or bangles adds charm, and is a sure way to show your personal style. Traditional Chinese medicine indicates that there is an acupuncture point on the left wrist called “shen-men,” which connects to all hand muscle activities.

Even the smallest and lightest bracelet or bangle can hinder its operation, injuring the tendons and ligaments as a result. In extreme cases, it can cause muscle atrophy and carpal tunnel syndrome.

left wrist acupuncture point
The acupuncture point Shen-men. (Image: NTD)

This might explain why majority of people are right-handed — it may be a subconscious urge to protect the shen-men. Nevertheless, the Internet era has seen majority of us using both hands on our keyboard constantly. The acupuncture point is under constant pressure, and issues with the hands, neck, and spine are a result of this pressure.

On the other hand, the neuron-loaded right hand benefits immensely from light massaging. Wearing a bangle can help to increase this stimulation, with long-term use helping to ease tiredness.

Jade bangles are a good accessory choice. These have been popular in China for thousands of years. One ancient Chinese belief is that it brings luck to its owner. From a scientific standpoint, a jade bangle not only stimulates the circulation system, but also nourishes the body with its mineral contents.

jade bangle
Chinese women like to wear jade bangles, and believe they can bring them luck. (Image: NTD)

Research by Monica Song and Kathy McWilliams

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