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The Curse of Leadership: Presidents Age ‘Twice as Fast’

When Barack Obama took office in 2008 he was a fresh faced guy in his mid-40s. Now, eight years on, and the 54-year-old is looking much worse for wear.

It didn’t take long for the effects of high office to hit America’s 44-th president. Journalists were even noting that the once baby-faced Obama was looking worse for wear during his 2008 presidential election campaign.

“Obama is already developing the presidential patina, a weathered look that builds after months of sleepless nights and stress,” wrote Carrie Budoff Brown for Policito in 2008.

While everyone ages, the extreme trials and tribulations of a presidency take their toll. In fact, according to the above video, U.S. presidents age twice as fast as everyone else, largely due to chronic stress. What’s more, they tend to die earlier than the national average.

Over the past eight years we’ve seen photos of a very aged President Obama, and you can say the same about predecessor George W. Bush, which you can see further below.

”You see it over a term,” a physician specializing in geriatric medicine at the Cleveland Clinic Ronan Factora, told The Washington Post. ”It’s a good study of chronic stress on a person’s overall health.” Watch the above video for more.

Eight years as president took its toll on George W. Bush. (Image: DNews via YouTube/Screenshot)
Eight years as president took its toll on George W. Bush. (Image: DNews via Screenshot/YouTube)

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