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Too Fat to Run Fast: Wild Panda Escapes From Dogs With Some Help

In the movie Kung Fu Panda 3, Dragon Warrior Pao fights against Kai — a powerful and vicious spirit warrior defending the mortal world’s peace. While the panda in the film shows us all kinds of awesome martial arts skills, the panda below in the real world can barely make a successful escape from dogs chasing him.

On the afternoon of March 6th in the mountains in the southwest of Sichuan Province, local herdsmen suddenly heard an intensive and loud sound of dogs barking. They looked around and saw a bunch of dogs chasing an animal along the mountain slope nearby. Looking closer, the villagers discovered to their surprise the black and white chubby animal turned out to be a giant panda.

Several dogs were chasing closely after the panda. (Image: Huaxi100.com)
Several dogs were chasing the panda closely. (Image: Huaxi100.com)

The group of dogs were chasing closely and barking fiercely at the panda. Scared and desperate the panda tried to head into the mountains. The panda, being so fat, was not able to compete with the dogs speed.

The world outside the mountains was scary! (Image: Southcn.com)
The world outside the mountains was scary! (Image: Southcn.com)

Fortunately for the panda the herdsmen came to his rescue, and soon drove away the dogs, saving the poor panda. When representatives of the local Nature Protection Department arrived, the panda had already safely returned to the woods, according to Huaxi News.

It was the first time that a wild panda was spotted in the area. According to the investigation, the giant panda was a healthy young adult with a shiny fur coat, and would have weighed about 100 pounds. He was frightened by the dogs, and was not able to outrun them, however he was not injured during the ordeal.

One Internet user joked asking: “Where is your Kung Fu?”

To get your panda fix, watch this video from NTDTV. Two pandas wrestle with their handler to avoid getting their medication:


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