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The Latest in Anti-Drone Technology, Is It an Overkill?

Everyone likes drones right up until they invade our privacy or when they breach secured areas, such as airports. So they have invented the ultimate solution — the mighty SkyWall100 handheld cannon.

As drones have become cheaper, there have been more incidents were they have been used to carry out crimes. With authorities acknowledging that drones are now becoming a real threat, many companies have scrambled to come up with ways to take out the drones.

OpenWorks Engineering is one such company, inventing the SkyWall system. On their website they describe the system as:

In a brochure the company writes: “While the world’s leading defense contractors are offering high tech, high cost military grade solutions, OpenWorks is focused on providing civil authorities with a cost effective response to the threat.”

According to the makers, the SkyWall system is the:

The system is a compressed gas powered launcher and an intelligent projectile. It comes in three different ranges — man portable, temporary, or permanent installations.

OpenWorks Engineering explains:

  • SkyWall100: is a highly mobile handheld system that allows rapid response to an incoming threat. The ruggedised design and SmartScope ensure minimal training is required.
  • SkyWall200: is a semi-permanent installation well suited to organized events. It can be carried by two operators to allow for planned mobility, and offers increased range.
  • SkyWall300: is a permanent installation for use with critical or sensitive infrastructure. It is environmentally protected, semi-automatic, and has the greatest operational range of any SkyWall system. Detection and target tracking is integrated, facilitating remote operation.

The SkyWall100 is a 22 pound (10 kg) cannon that has a “Laser-Equipped SmartScope” and onboard computer “to calculate the launch vector and muzzle velocity required to intercept the drone” with a range of 109 yards (100 meters).

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Troy Oakes
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