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Fengshui Tips for the Bedroom

The bedroom is a highly private and personal place. It ties closely with one’s “qi” (energy flow), and once the “qi” is broken, courses of things — such as relationships and even health — will plunge.

The following 4 things are an absolute no-no in the bedroom.

1. Ancestral tablet or portrait

Ancestral tablet is absolutely not good for your bedroom's Fengshui. (Image: Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 3.0)
An ancestral tablet is not good for your bedroom’s Fengshui. (Image: Wikipedia/CC BY-SA 3.0)

An ancestral tablet or portrait is normally placed in a special cabinet in the living room. The gesture is to show respect, and in return wish for protection from the deceased. As the item is “yin-qi” oriented, placing it in the bedroom can cause sleep problems and mood swings. In the long run, it harms the relationship between couples, and causes depression or emotional problems for the elderly.

2. Antiques

Antiques, especially those excavated from tombs, are full of yin energy and bring back luck by conflicting with people's yang energy. They are not good for your bedroom's Fengshui. (Image: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain)
Keep antiques out of the bedroom to improve its Fengshui. (Image: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain)

Antiques excavated from tombs are especially bad to place in a bedroom. They are something belonging to the deceased and thus full of “yin qi.” In addition they bring bad luck by striking against the “yang qi” of a living person when placed in the same room day and night.

3. Big fish tank

A big fish tank can be a wonderful decoration of your home. But don't place it in your bedroom. (Image: cq.bsbjw.com)
A big fish tank can be a wonderful decoration in your home. But don’t put it in your bedroom. (Image: cq.bsbjw.com)

A fish tank symbolizes the inward flow of money, that is why they are common in shops and homes. Nevertheless, putting a fish tank in the wrong place can cause big trouble. Normally a bedroom is relatively small, so a big fish tank will obstruct the passage, and it generates dampness, which can affect the bedroom occupier’s energy field, therefore causing health issues.

4. Hanging inappropriate pictures

(Image: NTD)
Since a bedroom is a place to rest, the pictures hung on the wall need to be warm and peaceful.(Image: NTD)

Many people like to hang pictures in their bedroom. They are a common decoration and can show one’s good taste. However, not many people know that a picture’s theme is very important for a bedroom’s Fengshui. A bedroom is a place to rest, so the pictures need to be warm and calm. Overly stimulating themes, such as animals fighting are considered inappropriate.

Research by Monica Song and Alan C

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