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The Chinese Military Will Be Ready to Invade Taiwan by 2020, Says Report

A Taiwanese Defense report says that the Chinese military will be ready to invade Taiwan by 2020.

A biennial report published this week by Taiwan’s Defense Ministry says that the People’s Liberation ­Army (PLA) now has the forces to invade Taiwan, and they’re building up their readiness, reported Japanese news agency Kyodo.

“The PLA has possessed an ­adequate deterrent force capable of launching joint military operations against Taiwan,” the report said.

The Chinese military is increasing its deployment of missiles against Taiwan, and is also improving its long-range strike capabilities, it stated.

“Its goal is to be in complete combat readiness status to invade Taiwan by 2020,” said the report, which also noted the huge increase in PLA budgets each year.

The report stated that an ever modernizing PLA was putting in place measures to deter foreign intervention (which we presume means the U.S.) should hostilities break out in the Taiwan Strait.

‘China believes foreign interference would be its biggest concern if it attacks Taiwan,’ it said.

China considers Taiwan a breakaway province, and it has threatened to use force if the island declared formal independence.

In reality, Taiwan has been independent since it separated from China following the communist victory on the mainland in 1949.

While Taiwan was a dictatorship for decades, it became a functioning democracy, which is due for another round of presidential elections in January.

Relations between the mainland and the island have warmed since current Taiwanese president Ma Ying-jeou of the China-friendly Kuomintang party came to power in 2008, reports AFP.

Despite a cross-strait detente, many are suspicious that Beijing is using cross-strait trade to draw Taiwan economically closer in a bid to create circumstances favoring an eventual political union, says Kyodo.

See an episode of China Uncensored about whether there will be a war over Taiwan, or is it just Beijing bluster?

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