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Watch What Happens When This Guy Gives Up Alcohol and Sugar for a Month

What would happen if you gave up two health culprits — sugar and alcohol? Well, a Dutch guy named Sacha Harland put this theory to the test.

We can see first-hand what it would be like to not have any alcohol or added sugar for a month.

On the first day, he visited a sports physician to test his blood pressure, heart, lungs, fitness, and his blood. It revealed his cholesterol was a little high.

After only four days on his detox, Sacha found he was getting cranky, finding the detox difficult, and giving people around him a hard time. On day five, he was constantly hungry and drooling over a hamburger, wishing he could have one. Everywhere he looks there are advertisements for sodas and food, and it is very tempting. He did not think it would be so hard.

Watch this short video of Sacha giving up sugar:

By day 25, he has a little victory; he no longer feels the craving for sugar in the morning. In the last week, he feels he can get up a lot easier in the morning and has energy to spare. He revisited the sports physician and he had lost 8 pounds, his blood pressure went from 135 to 125, his cholesterol went down 8 per cent, and his blood sugars had lowered.

After watching the video, I didn’t think it would take so long for him to start feeling good. If you are thinking of having a sugar detox, read these five steps to make it easier.

It’s good to know what happens when you do give up sugar, but I don’t think I will put my husband or kids through the torture of facing my bad moods if I were to give it up.

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