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Deadly Bombings in Southern China: Authorities Control the Narrative

Eighteen explosions killed 10 people and injured 51 more in China’s southwestern city of Liuzhou this week, and authorities claim it was done by a single man disgruntled with his neighbors and the local authorities.

An official Xinhua news agency microblog said package bombs were sent by 33-year-old Wei Yinyong, who was involved in a dispute with his neighbors, reported Reuters.

According to other sources quoting official media, Wei, who was a quarry worker, apparently also had unspecified troubles with local authorities.

The package bombs were sent to locations such as markets, hospitals, and government buildings. Seventeen of the bombs went off on Wednesday and another did the following day.

See this report on the bombings below:


Two days after the authorities named Wei as the culprit, they then declared that he had also been killed by one of the explosions.

Guess you could say, as far as the official line goes, the case is closed. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

Not long after the main explosions occurred, local media were told to shut down their coverage, and according to an official statement republished on China Digital Times, they had to instead use reports published by Xinhua.

Meanwhile, official censors made sure that unofficial information on the bombings was taken offline, including any social media posts by Chinese netizens.

According to VOA, the authorities also restricted search keywords related to the bombings or the suspect on news websites and on social media, such as Weibo.

All the above may even have you wondering if a man such as Wei even exists.

What was behind the bombing is pretty much anyone’s guess.

In the end, one thing is sure — it’s another example of how the communist authorities try to control the flow of information in China.

See more video footage of the devastation caused by some of the bomb blasts below:

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