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Watch Kids Try Dark Chocolate for the First Time in Slow Motion

Dark chocolate is an acquired taste, and I have to admit that I do not have that taste. Even all the health benefits have not inspired me to become a dark chocolate lover.

This ingenious ad by Israeli chocolate company, Splendid,

shows the cute yet funny faces the children pull when trying dark chocolate for the first time.

Their gorgeous faces go from being happy they are getting chocolate to the look of, “what is this stuff!”

This little boy's face says it all - he is not a dark chocolate fan. (Screenshot/YouTube.)
This little boy’s face says it all – he is not a dark chocolate fan. (Screenshot/YouTube)

This ad was created by BBR Saatchi & Saatchi. One of the agency representatives, Eva Hasson, says about the making of the ad: “Most Israeli moms actually keep a full drawer stocked with goodies which, by the end of the week, is bound to need serous refurbishing. But curiously, often enough, the only pack left half eaten in the drawer is the dark chocolate. This got us thinking, and we realized Splendid chocolate — being as dark, and bitter a chocolate as you can get — probably lacked the sweetness kids were after.”

Watch the full video here:

I just hope these kids got some milk chocolates or sweets after the filming of this ad. Who knows, this might of turned them off chocolate for life.

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