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How to Use These Vintage Turbans as a Fashion Statement

Women’s fashion turbans come in and out of fashion, but they remain an eternal classic look, appreciated and envied by all. I say “envied” because many of us don’t feel confident enough to wear them, although we would really like to.

The cool thing is, there is a world of turbans out there.

No matter what your ethnic background there is a turban style for you!

Turbans are form and function

The turban first became a women’s fashion item in the late 17th century as it is seen in the paintings: Girl With a Pearl Earring and The Turban, but I’m sure they were worn much earlier to keep hair clean and protected when working.

The turban can be so glamerous, as shown in this paining by William Clarke Wontner (Image:wikimedia)
The turban can be so glamorous, as shown in this painting by William Clarke Wontner. (Image: wikimedia)

When eastern styles began to inch into the fashion world, just before the start of the 20th century and particularly in the 1930s, turbans again made a bold appearance in fashion. They were seen as an exotic accessory, worn by the upper-class, worldly woman on one side; but also a practical measure for women workers to protect their hair, on the other side.

WW1 poster, showing the headscarf style worn by women in this time, as they worked at the home front. (Image:michal_hadassah/flickr)
WW I poster showing the headscarf style worn by women in this time as they worked at the home front. (Image: michal hadassah/flickr)

The headscarf became an unofficial symbol of hard work, as women labored in the home fronts during the first world war effort, and “kerchiefs”, were worn by women all through the early to mid 1900s to keep hair in check during travel, sports, or when spending a day at the beach.

Can ‘I’ wear a turban?

The turban is a look that demands confidence and commitment in order to pull off. The final look can also vary a lot, depending on the material used, the style of turban, and how the turban plays on the overall outfit. Are you wanting a casual or formal look?

With a turban, you can instantly carry the air of a queen, or quickly wrap up your hair ready for work and still look good, that’s how turbans are.

If you would like to explore the world of turbans, this video shows you four ways to wrap your hair in a scarf, each producing a slightly different vintage look.

If none of those grabbed you, here are two more turban styles to try.

The scarf used in this tutorial is not a long, thin scarf, but a larger square scarf, making a larger turban that stands taller on the head with a big knot. This tutorial will suit you if you have a bulk of hair to cover.

A turban really brings out your eyes and cheek bones. It is a smart and stylish accessory that looks very finished. Experiment with which style you like and which color or pattern brings out your features.

There is also the question of whether to add earrings to the final look. Keep experimenting until you make it work!

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