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Madeline Stuart, Down Syndrome Teen, Lands 2 Modelling Contracts

You may remember all the hype on the Internet about Madeline Stuart, the Down syndrome teen on a mission to change the modelling world.

Well, Madeline Stuart’s persistence and determination has paid off—she has landed 2 modelling contracts.

Athletic wear company Manifesta and Guatemalan handbag brand everMaya have signed on the 18-year old from Brisbane, Australia.

Madeline Stuart is showing the world anyone can achieve their dreams. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Madeline Stuart is showing the world anyone can achieve their dreams. (Screenshot/Facebook)

Today reported:”Madeline has external beauty—Down syndrome or not,” Damian Graybelle, co-founder of the Rochester, New York-based brand told TODAY.com. “But secondly, she captures inner beauty, which is something the everMaya brand is all about.”

In just 2 months Maddy has landed modeling contracts. (Screenshot/YouTube)
In just 2 months, Maddy has landed modeling contracts. (Screenshot/Facebook)

The Sun reported: “Manifesta is a brand that welcomes all shapes and sizes. They said: ‘Just as Madeline is committed to expanding people’s ideas of what a model can be, Manifesta is determined to show that the clothing and fashion industry doesn’t have to be exclusionary.'”

Maddy is changing the way we view people with disabilities. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Maddy is changing the way we view people with disabilities. (Screenshot/Facebook)

Maddy’s mother told the Huffington Post why she chose to work with these two brands. She said: “Both companies approached us to do a photo shoot for them, and after looking at their products we believed the products would be a good fit, as Maddy loves fitness and the brand was cute and inclusive. EverMaya has not only beautiful products that are very well made, but also have a very charitable belief, so they were a perfect match. We are very happy to be working with EverMaya again shortly in New York City in the beginning of August.”

Watch short video about Maddy:


As well as landing these two modelling contracts, a doll has also been made in honor of Maddy.

It seems there is nothing that Maddy cannot do; she is a real inspiration.

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