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You Should Try These Hot Soups and Drinks This Summer

Sweating reduces your bodily fluids, as well as depleting your stores of salt, potassium, calcium, and other minerals. If you don’t adequately replace these vital minerals, you can suffer from metabolic disorders and other illnesses.

These soup recipes can help you maintain these mineral levels.

Grain-based soups can nourish the body and increase appetite

Summer heat can be hard on your lungs. Soup made with coarse grains is nourishing and can help to refresh your lungs. Millet, oats, and brown rice are all rich in vitamin B, calcium, iron, phosphorous, and other trace elements. Soups made with these grains will also nourish the yin elements and enhance your bodily strength.

Recommended soup: Red date and coix seed (otherwise known as Chinese pearl barley) soup

(Image: Sina blog)
Red date and Chinese pearl barley soup. (Image: Sina blog)

Vegetable soup can replenish lost minerals in your body

Green vegetables are rich in dietary fiber and are rich in vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin K, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. Kelp and seaweed are also rich in iodine, which is another element depleted through sweating. Adding these ingredients to a soup recipe will help to nourish and refresh your body.

Recommended soup: Spinach and egg soup

Vegetable soup can replenish the body with minerals. (Image: ssnn.net)
Vegetable soup can replenish the body with minerals. (Image: ssnn.net)

Bean soup is good for cooling off and detoxing

Many beans support the functioning of the spleen and help to reduce body dampness. Beans are rich in protein, vitamin B complex, calcium, phosphorous, and other minerals, which means that they are another excellent source of those elements that you lose through perspiration.

Recommended soup: Green bean soup is cooling and has a natural sweetness. It is good for the throat, and quenches thirst, as well as having detoxification properties.

Green bean soup is good for the throat and quenches thirst. (Image: meichubang.com)
Green bean soup is good for the throat, and quenches thirst. (Image: meichubang.com)

Hot tea can be cooling and quench your thirst

Drinking hot tea can open up your skin pores, promote cleansing through sweat secretion, and is a diuretic. One British study has shown that drinking hot tea is more effective than a cool drink when it comes to lowering your body temperature. The study showed that nine minutes after hot tea had been consumed, the body temperature decreased between 1 and 2°C. Polyphenols within tea can help to eliminate fatigue, and it also has an antibacterial effect.

Recommended tea: Green tea

Drinking hot tea is more effective to decrease body temperature than a cold drink. (Image: taopic.com)
Drinking hot tea is more effective in decreasing body temperature than a cold drink. (Image: taopic.com)

Translated research by Frank Fang and Kathy

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