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Paris Hilton Thinks She’s Going to Die in Scary Plane Crash Prank

There have been some really out there pranks on celebrities, but this one takes it to a whole new level. Egyptian TV show Ramez in Control played the prank of the century on hotel heiress Paris Hilton, making her believe the plane they were in was going to crash.

The video is quickly being taken down from the Internet, but you just might be able to watch it before it disappears.

Paris starts off at the opening of the YWS hotel. Afterwards, she’s invited onto a plane ride for an aerial view. While they are in the air, the host is spraying something that is making a bad smell, and Paris is commenting that it smells like rotten eggs. After a few minutes in the air, the plane starts doing stunts like it is crashing.

Paris starts freaking out when the plane starts plummeting. (Screenshot/YouTube.)
Paris starts freaking out when the plane starts plummeting. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Poor Paris starts freaking out and crying.

The back of the plane even opens up and someone jumps out with a parachute. Paris screams: “I don’t want to jump.”

Paris screams, "I don't want to jump out of the plane." (Screenshot/YouTube.)
Paris screams: “I don’t want to jump out of the plane.” (Screenshot/YouTube.)

This goes on for a while before they say they are going to crash in the water. You can see Paris start to prepare herself and then they make a smooth landing.

Paris prepares herself to crash in the water. (Screenshot/YouTube.)
Paris prepares herself to crash in the water. (Screenshot/YouTube.)

On the ground, after they exit the plane, the host then tells her it was a prank. It takes the host three times telling her it was a prank for her to realize. Poor Paris then says it’s her biggest fear, dying in a plane crash, as she flies on planes everyday.

Paris tells the host she is going to kill him when she finds out it was a prank. (Screenshot/YouTube.)
Paris tells the host she is going to kill him, when she finds out it was a prank. (Screenshot/YouTube.)

I am not a Paris Hilton fan, but I think they went way too far with this one and I felt really sorry for her. She took it really well in the end—a lot better than I would have taken it.

Watch full video of the prank:

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