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10 Rice Dumpling-Inspired Fashions for a Unique Look at Your Next Event

This year’s Dragon Boat Festival (June 20) has just passed. Besides making and enjoying tons of yummy rice dumplings (also known as “zongzi“), Chinese people have celebrated it in many other ways, like having dragon boat races, commemorating Qu Yuan, and dressing up like rice dumplings. Wait, really?

Hmm, sort of. Rather than putting zongzi on themselves, Chinese netizens found these stylish outfits that look like zongzi in different flavors, and soon after these pictures were released on social media, they’ve amused thousands of netizens and totally made my day!

A.F. Vandevorst vs. zongzi wrapped in leaves

A.F. Vandevorst vs. zongzi wrapped in leaves. (Image: Wechat)

Some people say that they never expected the color of cooked leaves could be so beautiful after being turned into a dress.

Alexander Lewis vs. white rice zongzi

(Image: Wechat)
Alexander Lewis vs. white rice zongzi. (Image: Wechat)

That green decoration on the dress looks exactly the same as a bamboo leaf used to wrap zongzi, and makes the entire outfit like a white rice zongzi, one of the most common rice dumplings among Chinese people.

Emilio Pucci vs. green and red bean zongzi

(Image: Wechat)
Emilio Pucci vs. green and red bean zongzi. (Image: Wechat)

Green and red bean zongzi is complimented by netizens as “the beauty among zongzi.” People usually dip it into sugar or honey when eating it, and therefore this type of rice dumpling is welcomed  by a lot of foodies.

Carolina herrera vs. black rice zongzi

(Image: Wechat)
Carolina herrera vs. black rice zongzi. (Image: Wechat)

Quote a netizen: “This purple silk gown is just like black rice zongzi—simple, yet tempting.”

Etro vs. pork zongzi

(Image: Wechat)
Etro vs. pork zongzi. (Image: Wechat)

Pork zongzi is said to be controversial, because you either love it or hate it. It’s made of stewed pork, egg yolk, shiitake mushrooms, and glutinous rice pre-soaked in soy sauce. Just like the rich flavors of a pork zongzi, this Etro’s design has included so many different patterns that it brings you something special.

Carolina Herrera vs. mango zongzi

(Image: Wechat)
Carolina Herrera vs. mango zongzi. (Image: Wechat)

The dress’s bright yellow and white colors, as well as the rice dumpling’s tropical mango flavor, all bring you some freshness in summer.

Chanel vs. zongzi of purple sweet potato

(Image: Wechat)
Chanel vs. zongzi of purple sweet potato. (Image: Wechat)

Purple sweet potato has become popular due to its health benefits, and this clothing of Chanel is simply as sweet as the zongzi made of purple sweet potatoes.

Haider Ackermann vs. red bean zongzi

(Image: Wechat)
Haider Ackermann vs. red bean zongzi. (Image: Wechat)

Some netizens joked that they’ve gotten ideas for costumes for the next dragon boat festival, so how about you?

Did you find any interesting inspirations for the fashion designs you like?

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