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Ford Unveils Its 3rd Folding Electric Bike, Its Most Unique Model Yet

The Ford Motor Company at a conference in California unveiled its 3rd folding electric bike called the MoDe:Flex eBike. The bike is still in the prototype stage.

The key difference for this one is the wheels, motor, and battery can be changed to suit the rider or to suit the terrain. Apart from that, it’s built with the same technology that Ford used in its previous electric bikes.

Multi-modal mobility solutions:

Ford wrote: “Ford Motor Company is expanding its Smart Mobility plan—announcing at Further with Ford 2015 a new electric bike designed with the enthusiast in mind.

MoDe:Flex is Ford’s third, most flexible prototype eBike yet. It easily reconfigures to take on the urban jungle as well as mountain terrain, and stows in any Ford vehicle, where it can be charged for a multimodal journey.

“MoDe:Flex has the proportions of a conventional bike, but the center frame assembly includes a motor and battery.

The front and rear assemblies and wheels can be configured for road, mountain, or city riding.

The bike disconnects at the front and rear for easy storage, or can be reconfigured and pulled along—like a golf cart. The battery slides out of the bike for remote charging, or it can be plugged into a vehicle outlet,” Ford added.

Software and hardware working seamlessly together. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The MoDe:Flex also has the latest in LED technology that is integrated into the body of the bike. The lighting technology for the headlight and taillight has the same faceted lens that is featured on the new F-150 and Ford GT, just a smaller version.

Bruce Williams, Ford’s lead designer and engineer for MoDe:Flex, said: “The LED lighting is efficient and detailed in a way never before done in the bike world. The lens elements are very small, but they throw a lot of light. The design is seamless and all-new.”

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