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Gun Control, We Really Need to Talk About This

Celebrities are quick to jump on board anything that will promote them, but in this case it is truly a cause to take up. There have been almost 100 more shootings since the Columbine massacre at Newtown two years ago.

It is easy to say that we need gun rights—up until your child, brother, mother, dad, or anybody else you know gets killed by a person with a gun. What is happening has become so bad that you can’t even send your children to school without the thought they may get killed by a classmate or a deranged person.

Celebrities message about gun control:

How can anyone truly believe that putting more guns on our streets will help this problem? It’s sad that even our politicians are too afraid to do the right thing. Is having a gun really that important? Is the gun lobby really that powerful? Are we so wrapped up in our constitution that we are not willing to budge on stronger regulations?

I also enjoyed firearms and I’m an ex-soldier, but when I see the news and hear another precious life has been taken, I can do nothing but cry to myself and think—what’s the point in going to war when we are needed here?

Do we hate each other that much that it’s OK to watch the news about another shooting and think we need more guns?

Remember, this is not about a person entering your home, this is about your child being shot while their hand was in the air to answer a teacher’s question.

I don’t have all the answers, but I do know the only question that needs to be asked is, when will we say enough is enough, and stop our children from being killed?

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Troy Oakes
Troy was born and raised in Australia and has always wanted to know why and how things work, which led him to his love for science. He is a professional photographer and enjoys taking pictures of Australia's beautiful landscapes. He is also a professional storm chaser where he currently lives in Hervey Bay, Australia.

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