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Molasses Is a Sweet Way to Get Your Daily Iron

Molasses, a dark, licorice-tasting syrup, is an excellent source of minerals and iron, making it an ideal blood tonic for menstruating and pregnant women.

A by-product of cane sugar- molasses is the nutrient rich leftovers (Image: Badagnani/wikimedia commons)
A by-product of cane sugar, molasses is the nutrient rich leftovers (Image: Badagnani/wikimedia commons)

Iron deficiency is common in women, and in people of developing countries where proper nutrition is not available. Symptoms of iron deficiency anemia include fatigue and headaches.

Iron from molasses is especially beneficial, as it’s a natural food source, therefore, more readily available than synthetic iron supplements. 

I drizzle molasses over my oats for breakfast, as it’s a good morning food—giving you energy—and it works as a laxative too.

Molasses adds a gingerbread flavor when added to desserts, such as puddings, cakes, and cookies.

Try substituting half the sugar with molasses for a mineral boost.

Molasses pudding-cake a rich and hearty dessert (Image:SheGotTheBeat/flickr)
Molasses pudding-cake, a rich and hearty dessert. (Image: SheGotTheBeat/flickr)

Some people tout that molasses is a cure-all, reporting that it has grown back lost hair from baldness and turned grey hair away. Whatever the case, the health effects you will notice from consuming molasses daily are seen over time, as mineral deficiencies in the body can takes time to reverse. Two tablespoons a day is a good amount to take.

Molasses mineral beverage

Stir one tablespoon of organic blackstrap molasses into 3/4 cup of hot water. Fill the cup with either milk, or milk substitute to smooth out the sweetness.

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