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Puss on Plane’s Wing Hangs on for Dear Life—Near Cat-astrophy

They say cat’s have nine lives! A beautiful black and white cat has found itself in a very dangerous position, even for a cat. Meow, what are they going to do?

The cat appears on the plane’s wing right after takeoff.

Watching the plane's dash-cam, you see the cat slowly creep along the plane's wing, eye's big as saucers! (Screenshot/YouTube)
Watching the plane’s dash-cam, you see the cat slowly creep along the plane’s wing. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The video is actually a real nail biter. Once the frightened cat claws its way closer to the humans, it realizes jumping to the safety of their arms just isn’t going to work. There are no doors on the plane and the drop to the ground get’s further with each passing second.

On top of that, they don’t even notice scruffy’s meows as they take in the views, quite engrossed in their own flying experience.

The pilot eyes when he first notices the cat! Poor kitty. (Screenshot/YouTube)
The pilot’s eyes when he first notices the cat! Poor kitty. (Screenshot/YouTube)


Watch what the pilot does when he finally sees the cat… he almost yells it out, but then bites his lips… perhaps not wanting to frighten his passenger?

No worries, all ended well as the pilot cut short the flight and landed the plane. It seems this lucky cat is now the mascot of the flying club—and it still has eight lives left.

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