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Escaped Tiger Kills Man in Tbilisi, Another Being Hunted

A white tiger has been shot in Tbilisi, Georgia, after attacking a man at work in a warehouse, while armed police are hunting the streets for another, according to CNN. Flash-flooding hit the city of Tbilisi on Saturday, enabling zoo animals to swim out of their enclosures. The scenes are apocalyptic. However, citizens were assured all the animals were rounded up or accounted for dead, until this tiger attack happened.

Carrying out the dead tiger in Tbilisi, Georgia. (Screenshot/ABCNews/YouTube)
Carrying out the dead tiger in Tbilisi, Georgia. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The escaped tiger lunged at the man’s throat. After three days of roaming around flooded Tbilisi, it was hungry.

They tried to save the man, but he died on the way to the hospital. The tiger was shot on the scene by police, according to a government official from Tbilisi. The floods have been deadly, with 19 people dead, and a few more still missing.

A hippo is tranquilized outside a store in Tbilisi city center. (Screenshot/YouTube)
A hippo is tranquilized outside a store in Tbilisi’s city center. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The streets are still covered in thick mud and debris, and with the sight of hippos, crocodiles, wolves, bears, and lions walking around, it is no wonder the citizens are upset about the false report that the dangerous animals have all been found.

The type of enclosures that the animals escaped from were the kind that are lower than ground level, surrounded by a deep trench and a fence. The water filled them up and the animals floated up and swam or climbed out. The animals in cages and covered enclosures were not so lucky, as most drowned.

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