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Why Are High-Tech Drones Used to Catch Exam Cheats Here?

An aerial drone has been deployed to at least two schools in China this week in a bid to try and catch students cheating in the important “Gaokao” college entrance exams, which began on Sunday.

According to Dahe News, the official newspaper in Henan Province, officials bought a drone that can search for radio signals that could find cheating students, reported AFP.

The six-propeller drone was used at two separate testing sites on the Sunday, the first day of the test at Luoyang City, reported The Guardian. The drone monitored signals from 500 meters above the test site.


Chinese officials are also using high-tech radio surveillance trucks as another means to try and catch students cheating using devices such as smartphones.

Among the methods some students have used to cheat in previous exams include sowing cheating devices into their clothes, and hiring other students to sit in their place.

Chinese student being scanned with a metal detector to find possible devices that can used to cheat on the exam. (Image: Korea Times/Twitter)

Before the exams began, officials said they had arrested 23 people since late May for trying to organize some form of cheating for the exams, reported The Guardian.

According to the above featured video, any student who is caught cheating can be disqualified from doing the test for up to three years.

The exams, which can last for two or three days, are for many students incredibly stressful events because they’re the only way to enter Chinese universities. For poorer kids, this may mean the difference between a white-collar office job and a life as a migrant laborer, reports AFP.

Around 9.4 million students will sit for the annual make-or-break exam.

Students sitting for the all-important ‘Gaokao’ college entrance exam, where cheating is rife. (Image: AJE News/Twitter)

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