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Overeating Can Lead to These 10 Health Issues

People today tend to eat far more food than they need to, and they also exercise far too little—leading to obesity.

Overeating and obesity can lead to numerous health issues.

Here are some of the occasions when you might overeat:

  1. Having a buffet.
  2. Attending a business banquet.
  3. Gatherings with friends.
  4. Rushing through a meal while busy at work: When you only have 10 minutes or less to eat a meal, you might overeat.
  5. Skipping a meal or not eating at regular times. You may only have time to properly eat at dinner time, and under this circumstance, you tend to overeat.

It's easier to overeat in party. (Image: Secret China)
It’s easier to overeat at a party. (Image: Secret China)

The following are 10 illnesses that come from overeating

  • Overweight and cardiovascular problems.
  • Too much food could cause stomach erosion and ulcers.
  • The excessive fat can block the intestine.
  • Too much food in the stomach slows down the brain and speeds up brain aging.
  • Overeating slows down the activity of tumor suppressors and increases the chance of getting cancer.
  • Among the patients of dementia, 30-40 percent of them have a habit of overeating.
  • The chance of getting osteoporosis greatly increases with overeating.
  • Kidney problems.
  • Overeating often induces acute pancreatitis.
  •  An expanded stomach pushes against its surrounding organs, inducing nervous exhaustion.

Translated research by Hsin-Yi

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