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Do Chinese People Have Poor Quality?

In traditional Chinese culture, the most important thing was to revere Heaven and to know one’s mission in life.

Thus, Chinese people, even in the absence of others, would adhere to moral integrity and ethics.

Let’s look at some examples of how ancient Chinese people behaved.

Nobody picks the peaches

During the Wei Dynasty, Song Shiliang was the top official of Qinghe County in Hebei Province. One year, the emperor granted a pardon to criminals.

However, people in Song’s county were all law abiding citizens, so there was not even one person in jail. Song merely led the entire group of officials to receive the order. There were many peach trees full of ripe fruit in the prison courtyard, yet not a single peach had been picked.

There were many peach trees full of ripe fruit in the prison courtyard, yet not a single peach had been picked. (Image: nipic.com)
The trees in the prison yard were full of ripe peaches, yet not a single fruit was picked. (Image: nipic.com)

Leaving officialdom, money, and life behind

Guo Wen-Tong was an army official in the 16th century, during the Ming Dynasty. Many other generals had been defeated in battles with outlaw gangs, but Guo’s soldiers were invincible, defeating the outlaws every time.

Once a gang of outlaws came to the open city gates and watched the city for a long time. They were so intimated by the character and courage displayed by the soldiers and citizens that they ran away, leaving the city in peace.

Guo claimed that he took three things lightly in life: officialdom, money, and life. If people could remain unattached to these three things, their moral character would take the lead. There would be no danger of bribery or corruption, and leaders would devote their lives to serving their country and their people.

What is the most important thing for a kingdom?

When Mencius went to see the King of Liang, the king asked Mencius: “You have come from a great distance, so what benefits did you bring to me?”

Mencius replied: “Your Majesty, why do you only mention benefits? Ethical virtue is the most important thing for a kingdom. When everyone here only talks about interests, the kingdom will be in great danger.”

(Image: rjzg.net)
Chinese painting of Mencius meeting the King of Liang. (Image: rjzg.net)

Do Chinese people have poor quality?

Throughout most of its 5,000 years of civilization, China was a world leader in economics, politics, science, technology, and culture. The traditional Chinese values of wisdom, diligence, kindness, and perseverance created a splendid oriental culture of great creativity and widespread cultural influence.

Over the last 50 years, with the Chinese Communist Party in power, China has gone against the global trend, and has suffered tremendous economic, environmental, and cultural losses, largely due to state sponsored campaigns aimed at destroying traditional Chinese culture. However, other countries or areas that have a large number of Chinese people making up their populations, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore, are highly successful, and there is no questioning the quality of the contribution that the Chinese people make.

Translated research by Ying Ming 

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