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EBay Prevents Woman From Selling the Sun, She Sues

A mother of four in Spain, Angeles Duran, has been selling square-meter plots of the Sun for one €1 (US$1.10), but her entrepreneurial flair hit a speed bump when eBay shut down her related sales account.

Not one to take a step back, the colorful 54-year-old is now in the process of suing eBay for breach of contract, and her case is going to court next month.

This isn’t the first time Duran has come up on the media radar. She first achieved that when she copyrighted the original call of Tarzan (c. 1932), and for suing anyone who tried to use it. See that first Tarzan call below:

According to The Washington Post, Duran initially laid claim to our nearest star after she heard an American entrepreneur had done a similar thing with the Moon, Mars, Venus, and Mercury.

The American’s claim was based on a supposed oversight in the UN’s Outer Space Treaty that ruled out national ownership of the Sun, but failed to mention individual ownership.

Duran registered the Sun in her name at her local notary in Vigo, Spain, in 2010. No one questioned her odd claim until in 2013 when she opened an eBay store and started selling bits of the Sun.

Buyers would receive documents to ‘prove ownership.’

Eventually, eBay found her in violation of its “intangible goods” policy. Meaning no one is allowed to sell things that don’t exist and so they shut down her account.

But Duran isn’t taking it lying down, and now she’s seeking compensation.

Initially, the American e-commerce company tried to settle the issue and then disputed it on jurisdiction grounds, but now finds itself having to address it in a Madrid court next month, reports The Washington Post.

If you are interested in “owning” a piece of the sun, Duran continues to sell it on her own website. But buyer beware. See this close-up video to see what you’d be getting yourself in for:

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