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Massive Heat Wave Melts Roads, Kills Thousands in India

It’s been a long month for the people of India who’ve been enduring soaring temperatures that have killed nearly 1,500 people.

The majority of the 1,412 heat-related deaths have occurred in the south-eastern state of Andhra Pradesh and its neighboring state of Telangana reported the National Post. Here temperatures soared up to 47 degrees Celsius (117 degrees Fahrenheit), according to official figures.

During the heat wave the population have been advised to take precautions and drink plenty of water during the hottest hours of the day so to avoid heat stroke and dehydration.

india 2

According to the above video they’re also being told to avoid working outdoors.

For many of those who live an impoverished existence that’s not an option.

“If I don’t work due to the heat, how will my family survive?” Mahalakshmi a construction worker told AP. Mahalakshmi makes $3.10 per day in the city of Nizamabad which is a two hour drive north of the state capital of Hyderabad.

The heat at night is also unrelenting.

According to AP, newspapers dedicated whole pages to cover the massive temperatures with headlines such as: “Homeless bake in tin shelters” and “birds & animals drop dead.”

The extreme heat has even taken its toll on the country’s infrastructure with reports that some roads have melted in New Delhi.


Much of the country has also been experiencing drought conditions.

“The rains which have eluded us for the last couple of years have created serious drought conditions,” said state minister K.T. Rama Rao in Telangana according to AP.

“This is unprecedented … so there is a little bit of panic,” he said. “Hopefully the monsoon will be on time. Hopefully we will receive rain very, very soon.”

Monsoonal rains are expected to arrive in the south of the country next week and they will gradually make their way north.

See the below video for more information:


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