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Why Can This Little Iron Fish Make You Stronger?

Anemia, also called iron deficiency, is a very common health problem around the world, particularly in developing countries where they don’t have sufficient food or nutritional supplements.

Six years ago, Canadian Science graduate Christopher Charles visited Cambodia and saw how anemia was affecting the villages there.

A 17-minute TED talk with Dr. Christopher Charles talking about his invention, the iron fish:

He found in the villages that the children were tired and had slow mental development, and people couldn’t work due to tiredness and headaches.

Villagers in Cambodia are tired due to anaemia. Image: Screenshot/YouTube
Villagers in Cambodia are tired due to anemia.

This amazing little iron fish is a life-changing invention.

So how does it work? This little fish is made of iron and is put into food when it is being cooked and slowly releases the correct amount of iron into the food.

The recipe is simple, Dr. Charles told BBC.

“Boil up water or soup with the iron fish for at least 10 minutes. That enhances the iron which leaches from it.”

“You can then take it out. Now add a little lemon juice, which is important for the absorption of the iron.”

If the iron fish is used every day in the correct way, Dr Charles says it should provide 75 percent of an adult’s daily recommended intake of iron—and even more of a child’s.

cooking the iron fish in soup releases the correct amount of iron.  Image: Screenshot/YouTube
Cooking with the iron fish in soup releases the correct amount of iron.

The lucky iron fish has helped over 10,000 families around the world.

The iron fish provides more than 75% of a child's daily iron. Image: Screenshot/YouTube
The iron fish provides more than 75 percent of a child’s daily iron requirement.

Short video on how the iron fish is helping battle anemia around the world:

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