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Catch the Latest Pet Trend: Round or Square, Which Do You Prefer?

We’ve seen the popularity of the hipster beard grow and grow, but this new grooming fad probably won’t take off in a big way…

The newest trend in dog haircuts looks just as funny as it sounds. In Taiwan, dog owners have been getting groomers to shape the fur on their pets’ heads so its literally round or square!

But the technique is only suitable for certain breeds, like poodles, because it requires a lot of spare head fluff.

Just imagine the owners comparing their pooches afterwards:

My dog has a rounder head than yours!

(Image: news.gamme.com)
Before and after. (Image: news.gamme.com)

(Image: news.gamme.com)
Perfectly round haircuts. (Image: news.gamme.com)

(Image: news.gamme.com)
Not sure if this dog likes his new do! (Image: news.gamme.com)

(Image: news.gamme.com)
Too much watching TV? (Image: news.gamme.com)

(Image: news.gamme.com)
Be there or be square! (Image: news.gamme.com)

(Image: news.gamme.com)
Box cut? (Image: news.gamme.com)

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