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If There Is a Place on Earth Like This, Please Teleport Me There

What a beautiful film about a place that is hopefully somewhere on Earth accessible to humans. What a great journey that would be, to visit it. Put up a tent. And live there.

Is there any place you’d rather be?

Navarre (or Navarra) is obviously a beautiful place, now that I see it, and see it like this. And if I really wanted to go there, who could stop me? Responsibilities? Exploring Earth’s beauty is my responsibility.

But just know that Navarre is a region in northern Spain. It borders France. It used to be a kingdom ruled by the Basque people. The Basque people would like more autonomy.

You might be one of the tiny people living in the valley down below. (Screenshot/Vimeo)

The current day relationship with the larger Spanish government and Navarre are somewhat tense. They all should just go up to those mountains together. Then how could things be that tense among all the natural beauty?

The photographer is Iñaki Tejerina Guruziaga. You can catch more of his work on photography websites 500px and Flickr.

I don’t see any people in the film. Either because not many live there, or they were cleared out when filming started. Or perhaps they just hadn’t woken up yet!

How did they get up here? And more importantly, how do they get back down? (Screenshot/Vimeo)

But I suppose many people do not live in or on top of mountain ranges. And they unfortunately can’t dwell so close to the clouds, and sleep in a starry sea.

This ain’t a travel film, but if you ever decide to visit Navarre after this, don’t forget to bring your camera, don’t forget to bring your compass, and don’t forget to call me with a plane ticket. I’d like an aisle seat, please.

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