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This Shaolin Monk Drills His Head in Kung Fu Street Performance (Warning: Graphic Photos)

In southwest China’s Sichuan Province, you can find this man putting on a dangerous street performance. He performs on the streets of Mianzhu, a city heavily damaged in the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake.

He claims the techniques come from kung fu and qigong that he learned while at the Shaolin Temple. It’s taken him 5 years to master these skills.

This is not something he recommends imitating.

If his practice serves him right, he doesn’t feel any figment of pain. It’s practically a tickle. This is the hard qi gong style practiced in China. It can make someone impervious to pain and unharmed when struck.

head bash
All parts of his body can resist attacks. (Image: newssc.org)

One day he may have taken a chance and raised a drill to his head, hoping his abilities had developed to that point, closed his eyes, and drilled. Or maybe he started with a flimsy drill bit and worked his way up in metal hardness. Whatever way he developed this skill, he’s alive today, so something must have worked out along the way. But I doubt this is normal training of monks.

Drill to head
Don’t even think about copying him. (newssc.org)

This all assumes he has a brain in there. If it’s hollow and thin, or devoid of matter, then he’s got nothing to worry about. In that case, drill away!

bed of spears
Good tricks? Yes. Practical in battle? Not exactly. (newssc.org)

But I really doubt that Shaolin Buddhist monks would teach him this for the purpose of traveling the roads and performing for money. There must be a deeper purpose of such techniques. Like developing discipline and control over one’s body. How could it be for the purpose of entertainment alone?

shaolin stance
Shaolin monks are legendary for kung fu and qi gong. But these days it’s all done for show. (newssc.org)

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