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Has France’s Government Introduced a Form of Euthanasia?

Is stopping medical treatment and place patients into a deep sedation until they die a form of euthanasia?  Is it a good thing?

bill was passed in France’s lower house of parliament that allows patients who are near the end of their lives to do just that. But there are critics who say its effectively a form of euthanasia.

Watch News of the World report on this controversial draft law:

Polls show that most French people are backing the draft law. It passed with 436 members in favor and 34 against. It is expected that it will get the final approval from the upper house.

President François Hollande is building on his legacy as a social reformer. Hollande had pushed through a controversial law legalizing gay marriage in 2012. He has also widened education on gender equality in primary schools.

François Hollande is the 24th president of France Image: United States government work/Flicker
François Hollande is the 24th president of France. (Image: United States government work/Flicker)

But the government has its critics, from religious leaders to medical professors and pro-life advocates who are saying that the new bill is just a form of euthanasia in disguise.

The law makers say: “Allowing doctors to put patients within ‘hours or days’ of their death under deep sedation until they die differs only from euthanasia in that the precise time of death cannot be determined.”

A Socialist senator has warned that the bill could alienate some voters, including Muslims.

Watch as the French parliament euthanasia debate draws protest:

“With this bill, the government is taking the risk of alienating yet more Muslims from the Socialist party,” said Bariza Khiari, a member of the Senate

Bariza Khiari is a member of the Senate of France, representing the city of Paris. Image: Sénat/Wikimedia Commons
Bariza Khiari is a member of the Senate of France, representing the city of Paris. (Image: Sénat/Wikimedia Commons)

“There is a risk of massive abstention, which could really hurt us in the next local election.”

I believe we need to let people live in this world with dignity. If they are on their death beds, is it wrong to let them die in a more natural way? What are your thought’s—is it a form of euthanasia?

Troy Oakes
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