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Sick Boy’s Painting Brings Estranged Mother Back Home (Photos)

A painting can convey the emotions of the artist in every stroke, even if it lacks skill.

This drawing might look like a simple sketch by a child‘s hand, but you can easily what he was thinking about.

In the drawing, a boy is flying a kite with his parents in the park. (Image: qq.com)
In the drawing, a boy is flying a kite with his parents in the park. (Image: qq.com)

The picture was drawn by a 4-year-old Chinese boy called Yi. When he was only 2 years old, a tiny growth called an atheroma started growing on his face, and it kept getting more serious. He was diagnosed with hereditary sebaceous tumors at the age of 3.

After Yi got sick, his parents often quarreled over their son’s illness. When he was 4 years old, his mother ran away from home and didn’t come back. Since then, Yi’s sebaceous tumors got more obvious, and he became introverted.

His father said: “Yi was isolated by other children at the kindergarten. So he painted to resolve his loneliness,” according to qq news.

Yi finanlly saw her mother again. (Image: qq.com)
Yi finally sees his mother again. (Image: qq.com)

Last year, Yi drew the picture above of him flying a kite in the park with his father and mother by his side.

Yi’s aunt saw the painting, and secretly took a photo of it to send to his mother.

After seeing the painting, Yi’s mother felt very sad about her son. She learned that Yi was going to receive medical treatment in Guangzhou, so she went there to see him, and the family was finally reunited.

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