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Spike Lee and NBA Champ Ray Allen Reminisce About Shooting ‘He Got Game’

Film director Spike Lee is one of New York’s most visible sports fans. He’s only done a few films about sports, though. He Got Game is among them. 16 years after He Got Game, he reunites with NBA veteran Ray Allen.

Is Ray Allen going to retire from basketball and become an actor?

Ray Allen was praised for his performance in the film. He caught the attention of critics as a real life athlete who could act. He was even nominated for an MTV Movie Award.

Ray Allen
A young Ray Allen, from the 1998 film. (PublicEnemyVEVO/YouTube)

But that was 1998, just after his rookie season. Since the movie’s release, he’s gone on to win 2 NBA championships with his pinpoint accurate jump shot. He’s now the all-time NBA leader in 3-pointers, but the only other acting project he’s done is Harvard Man.

He Got Game was one of four collaborations between director Spike Lee and actor Denzel Washington. It’s a also one of the few memorable films starring an NBA player. You can’t really compare this to Space Jam.

That’s probably why Spike approached him now. Ray Allen is just about at the end of his career as a basketball player. Perhaps he’ll have more time to pursue acting. He hasn’t played this season. He also hasn’t announced his retirement. It’s an opportune moment to make a sequel.

Shooting hoops
‘He Got Game’ was about the love of basketball. (PiJeyHack/YouTube)

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