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Chinese Dance Is a Connection Between Man and Nature

Chinese dance, just like traditional Chinese medicine, philosophy, art, and many things to spring from ancient China, is an expression of the eternal connection between human beings and nature.

Dancers step off the stage and into nature.

What better way to demonstrate than to have dancers in nature, dancing along to the changes in the seasons, the movement of the Earth, and the harmony of the way everything in the universe connects.

The dancers here belong to Shen Yun Performing Arts, the top company performing classical Chinese dance. They tour the world every year bringing Chinese dance and music traditions to stages everywhere. Having seen their live shows in New York City, I attest they are the most impressive group of performers you’ll see on a stage, anywhere. The aura of talent permeates the theater. This video was made on the California leg of their tour.

Seeing this show is an awakening experience. It changes your concepts of what’s possible in performing arts. And if you like classical music, the unique orchestra is another high point. Glance at their schedule for where you can catch them next.

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