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Putin You’re Back! Thanks for the Memes While You Were Away

After disappearing from the public view for ten days, Russian President Vladimir Putin is back in the public eye and appears in good health.

So far there’s no explanation yet on why Putin went off the radar.

After not being seen since March 5, speculation and rumors ran amok. It kind of reminded me of when Kim Jong-un, the leader of the Stalinist state of North Korea, wasn’t seen for a period of time last year.

Putin was back in the spotlight on Monday to meet the leader of Kyrgyzstan, Almazbek Atambayev, in St Petersburg. At the meeting, the Russian President apparently said “things would be boring without gossip”, RIA Novosti news agency reported in reference to the hearsay generated since his absence. See the video below for more on that.

A few memes have begun to come out celebrating the fact that Putin is back and we have chosen one. After that there’s the pick of the best ‘Where is Putin?’ memes that were circulating before his reemergence.

He’s back!

carried in part 3

 And when he was missing!

frozen putin

putin bear

bbc putin

putin on horse

fly putin

With G in coffin fashion were is wally P mine craft best one milk putin putin jungle small putin

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