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Is It My Imagination or Is That a Panda Crossing the Road?

If you said this on any street in most parts of China, then the answer would probably be that you’re imagining it!

But if you were walking down a street in Sichuan, the home province of giant pandas, then stay calm, and don’t make a fuss—you’ve simply spotted a wild panda going to town.

Early on March 5, when the security guards at a tourist site called “Love Cube” checked the surveillance video, they found that a panda had visited the green belt by the gate area at around 2 a.m.

In the video,  a two-year old panda was seen crossing the street, before clinging to the iron barriers outside the scenic region, and attempting to climb over.

After the unsuccessful attempt, the panda crossed the street again, and finally jumped into the “Love Cube” scenic region by stepping on a flower stand.

Interestingly, the panda strictly followed traffic rules by walking on the zebra crossing, both times when it crossed the street.

Perhaps we should rename the zebra crossing a panda crossing.

The manager of “Love Cube” said: “From watching the video, we can tell that this giant panda is healthy, and didn’t get any injuries on its body,” according to qq news.

“Love Cube” is about 25 miles away from the Wolong Giant Panda Reserve Center. It’s unknown how the panda got there and where it was headed

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