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The Tea Version of Civet Coffee… Panda Dung Brew From China

We’ve all heard of Indonesia’s Kopi Luwak or civet poop coffee, but what about Panda Tea from Sichuan Province?

This has to be the craziest side product ever made in the name of giant pandas!

And why is it so special? Well, it’s just green tea fertilized with panda poop, but because this black and white bear is a rare species, even its dung is precious. It’s collected from a breeding center in South China.

Maybe dressing up like pandas makes the tea worthier of its name. (Image: Cngold.org)
Maybe dressing up like pandas makes the tea worthier of its name. (Image: Cngold.org)

So tea grown with panda dung goes for 220,000 yuan ($35,000) per pound… Are they serious?

An Yashi, the creator of panda tea, is a teacher at Sichuan University. He claims that the tea is well worth this price because it has anticancer function. But how?

An explained at a press conference: “The panda’s main food is bamboo. But only 30% of bamboo’s nutrition can be absorbed by the panda’s digestive system, and the remaining 70% is left in the feces,” according to Sichuan News.

“Bamboo and tea are both said to contain anticancer compounds. So my tea grown in panda dung would definitely have strong anticancer function.”

Sounds pretty sketchy to me. As this Sina blogger says:

Assuming what Mr. An said was true, why bother growing the tea? Just eat panda poop directly to fight cancer!

Workers wearing panda costumes in the tea garden. (Image: Soso.com)
Workers wearing panda costumes in the tea garden. (Image: Soso.com)


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