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This Is Why We Really Need to Celebrate Chinese New Year in the USA

Chinese New Year started last Thursday, and it isn’t over yet. Chinese New Year officially wraps up with the Lantern Festival, 15 days after the new year starts. So you get about 15 days to celebrate. If you count Chinese New Year’s Eve and the festivals in the month before, then that’s even more days. That’s what I call a holiday.

Chinese New Year is a holiday for all of us.

Expect to see Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations in any city where an Asian community exists. Just go ahead and join in. Get you some culture. Each day of the new year represents a different custom.

Oh is this how you celebrated last year?

Here in the United States, we can still capture some of the excitement that the Lunar New Year holds for people in Asian countries. We may not yet have the huge, floating lanterns, or the same authentic cuisine, but we can light those extremely loud firecrackers…uh, maybe not that either. Those things are way too illegal. But be sure to say “Xin Nian Hao” to people you meet while looking for something fun to do and tasty to eat.

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