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Why Did Quarterback Colin Kaepernick So Easily Take the Bait From a Twitter Troll?

People in any position, whether it be in sports, politics, or business, or people with less glamorous professions, like writers, can react fast and aggressive to criticism. And in a flash of anger you’ve said something you’ll regret.

Celebrity trolling claims its latest victim.

But trolls dwell on the internet for the sole purpose of inciting anger. They’ll say or do anything to satisfy and gratify through making other people mad. At the extreme end of this are government sponsored trolls spreading propaganda. On the other end are living room trolls doing it for the pleasure of harassing celebrities or anyone else who’ll take the bait.

49ers quarteback Colin Kaepernick is the latest victim to celebrity trolling. It just goes to show you that we can all fall victim to things that make us look like clowns in the public arena.

If you missed it, Kaepernick said:

To which a follower responded:  

Clearly insulting to Kaepernick’s capabilities on the football field, that response led to:  




I’m not mad at Colin Kaepernick. The least of my reasons being that we share the same given name. The other is that people share a tendency to be affected by criticism. Humility, self-control, maturity are not necessarily things determined by profession or social status. Self-development takes effort for any kind of person. That’s why this isn’t the first nor last time for something like this.

This is how he should have reacted:

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